Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Paranormal Activity 3

This franchise has been off the rails since the first installment, but I liked the 3rd one a lot better than the 2nd. This one goes all the way back to when the girls were kids and they were haunted by a ghost named Tobie. It doesn't tie in very well with the other films (which works out for the best) and it spends too much time trying to explain where the demon comes from even though the only way this explanation makes sense is if you have seen the second film and it isn't really explained how the characters in this film gain that information.

There are some formula issues both with the format and the story:

First, the opening sequence where they film themselves finding the VHS tapes is tedious. It makes the concept unbelievable from the start. I like the camera setups for the most part, with the oscillating living room cam and everything, but the scenes where they film themselves watching the tape drive me crazy. Why would you do that? Especially since he's filming himself at an editing bay presumably editing the footage into something. But if he's filming himself editing the movie, then how does that footage make it into the edit? And if he's not editing the movie in these scenes, then what the hell is he doing?

And from a story perspective, here's an awkward conversation: Convincing your girlfriend to let you put a camera in her little girls' room so you can film them while they sleep.

Like I said, it's better than the second film, but it's not scary.

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