Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Expendables 2

Big and badass, with a lot of extreme action. This is the kind of awesome I expected from the first one. Dolph has more screen time and his character is fleshed out better, which is the important thing. We need more Dolph on the big screen. He doesn't have a big fight scene, but he's around throughout and doesn't die, so all in all, a win. Also, more Willis and Schwarzenegger, which is fun. And Chuck Norris makes a cool appearance. And they beat the tar-shit out of Van Damme, which I support.

The ads boldly proclaim HEMSWORTH as one of the biggies in the film and I was like "hey, Thor's in this movie". But then it turns out to be his little brother Liam, who I never heard of but apparently he's in "Hunger Games". Not sure last-name-only identification works when you're one of three brothers active in the business.

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