Thursday, September 6, 2012

Silent House

The real time device has been played out, but this movie does something I always thought would be fun to try: A whole movie shot in one take. The device works well, but it's beautifully blocked out to reveal just the right elements at the right time.

Elizabeth Olsen does a great job, but as the story unfolds you'll find the character tiresome. Bear with it, though, it plays out.

It's important to point out that this is an American version of a Uruguayan movie called "The Silent House". I haven't seen that, but when I do I'll do follow-up.

This movie works really well and the continuous shot really makes the POV work. It doesn't have a lot of surprises, but the story pays off. The gimmick works, especially if you are interested in the process of making movies. They make a lot of great artistic choices and you can see a huge amount of smart preparation in the cinematography. But story's the most important thing, and this one will keep your interest. I recommend it.

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