Thursday, January 20, 2011

Johnny Drama Award: David Patrick Kelly

It’s hard to define the qualities of a real-life Johnny Drama. These hard-working charismatic movie stars never really made it to A-list status, but have given us many a Saturday movie night to remember and are the real heroes of the movie business.

David Patrick Kelly

He’s been killed by most of the greats.  Bruce Willis took him down in Last Man Standing, Brandon Lee got him in the Crow, even Dennis Quaid got a piece of him in Dreamscape.  He’s my favorite sinister creepy, gracing classics like The Warriors and even got nailed by Andrew Dice Clay in his role as Sam the Sleazebag.  He also dies better than your average bad guy.  You’re always looking for him to get his, but by the time it happens you kind of feel bad about it.  I like this guy, he’s a real actor who kind of fell into the B movie scene.

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