Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Avengers

I thought this movie delivered everything it promised. I went in with a measured expectation, given all the build-up and the challenges inherent in combining several franchise characters in a single movie, but they did it. They actually made this movie work.

After seeing "Cabin in the Woods" I recently decided that Joss Whedon should spend more time in the horror genre where he's shown so much skill, but "The Avengers" makes a bigger and better point, which is that Whedon's singular skills can be applied to something that is successful in and makes a positive contribution to the mainstream. Not only did he direct this movie, but he wrote the screenplay, and it shows. It's wall to wall wit, humor and posturing character conflict with just the right amount of reference and sass.

This movie also makes great use of the characters and where their respective films left them in terms of story. It's a powerhouse mash-up, like Universal used to do with their classic movie monsters (except this one works where those really didn't). And it has the biggest, best and most exciting superhero action that's ever been in a movie.

The audience was cheering and I don't blame them. Go see this one folks and, as with all Marvel movies, stay through the credits.

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