Monday, October 15, 2012

Dragon Breath & the Multiple Musketeer

I had a dream the other night that was sort of like Nightbreed. I went to this place where I went a lot to get away (which looked a lot like my house, except it was in ruins), and there were all these weird supernatural characters there. One was a dragon breather. He wore a motley coat like a jester and he was drinking a concoction so strong that it burned like gasoline. I know this because he would cry out "DRAGON BREATH!" then spit out of plume of it and light it up. Or maybe it just came out burning. I never saw him light it. I knew him, so he didn't scare me, but he was so drunk that he was really belligerent. This is not good with superpowered supernaturals. When they get out of hand people tend to die. He doused me with the brew (from the bottle, so it was not ignited) and I was sure that he was about to light me up for no other reason than he was too drunk to think of something better to do.

At that point another of my interesting Night Town acquaintances interceded. I don't remember his name either, but I call him the Multiple. He was dressed like a musketeer or a French gallant. At that point I guess I was pretty pissed because I ended up picking a fight with him too. I had only intended fisticuffs, but before I knew it he tossed me a foil and had one in his hand as well. At this point the dragon breather was also given a sword (not entirely fair but more sporting than being burned alive, I guess).

Just to make the situation more difficult, the Multiple gets his name from the fact that when he starts moving he starts being two guys. I don't know if he moves so fast he seems like two people or he really becomes two people, but it doesn't much matter. It was like fencing three guys at the same time, except when the multiples merged and they became a single man with a rapier in each hand.

But it didn't last long. I woke up before the fight was finished. I have a feeling we wouldn't have hurt each other. I have a feeling that's the sort of thing we do all the time.

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