Saturday, May 14, 2011

Final Destination 5

I like how Tony Todd is back as the creepy coroner guy. They should just kill him and see what that does. This series is like scream; it exhausted the idea by the end of the first film. I like the elaborate death scenes because this is one of the few horror franchises that celebrates mindless gores. It's one of the only horror franchises at all, really, you almost never see a series make it to 5.  I think they should just embrace it and do what all great franchises do: Make one of these movies in outer space.

Or maybe they could to a Freddy vs. Jason vs. Chucky vs. Death crossover. I'd pay money to see Freddy, Jason and Chucky all living in an apartment trying not to succumb to horrible domestic accidents. They've all cheated death on numerous occasions. Jason could trip on a wet floor sign and fall on his own machete, Freddy could swat a mosquito and put his eyes out with his finger knives, and Chucky could accidentally flush himself down the toilet. You could also bring Ash into it if you wanted, but he's already being constantly stalked by death and self dismemberment so you might not notice the difference.

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